America's 9/11 Living Classroom is a traveling exhibit that will tell the story of the worst terrorist attack on American soil that unfolded on Tuesday September 11th 2001, beginning at 8:46am. 

"Preserving the Past - Educating the Future"


Our Mission is too inspire the next generation of American HEROES by sharing the stories of; 











Included in the exhibit will be the 9/11 time-line, crash site artifacts and personnel belongings of those lost on 9/11 and in the global war on terrorism. 

    The "Classroom" opened to the public on Sunday September 12th 2021 in Middle River MD. In the four days that it was open with limited hours over 350 visitors explored the exhibit. We shared over forty stories from both 9/11 and the global war against terrorism.     


Elevator cable wires 
from the North tower
Shards of window glass
from the North tower
Foundation pieces 
from the North tower
Molten steel from 
the South tower 
The Newsroom
papers from all across
the county 
President Bush
on the Pile 
1st Responders
Aluminum facing of
Twin Towers 
Gifted United
crew member 
luggage tag and
wings used on 9/11

pieces of paper
found on 9/18/01
on Read Street 

3 blocks from
Ground Zero

Steel peg from steel
beam donated to
the Balto. City FD
8:46 am 
  9:03 am

TA Worker
Access Pass
Ground Zero 
TA Worker
Gloves Used 
On The Pile
Note to
School Children from 
NYPD Officer




As part of the war exhibit we featured stories of service and sacrifice of  Marine LCpl. Norman "Wally" Anderson, III KIA 10/19/05 Iraq, Marine Captain Jesse Melton, III KIA 9/9/08, Army Captain Sara Knutson Cullen, Army (MDNG) Major Robert Marchanti, III,
Marine Sgt. Michael Heede, Jr., Army Pvt. Nicholas B. Spry,
Army SSgt. Travis Mills, Navy (SEAL) Jason Redman
Army SSgt. Christopher Swanson




Norm's Purple Heart Norm in 
Norm's Bronze Star
with Valor 
Norm's boots 
Norm's dress blue
jacket that he was 
married in 
Norm's Global War on 
Terrorism Medal 


We would like to say THANK YOU to 
St. John's Properties for partnering with us and providing us with warehouse space to set up and design the layout of the 'Classroom" 




What will it take to ensure that WE NEVER FORGET?

Phase 1: Exhibit displays and artifacts $37,000.00 COMPLETE
Phase 2: expanding the 9/11 & Global War exhibits $10,000.00
Phase 3: expanding to include the new "Price of Freedom" exhibit $18,000.00
Phase 4: 1 cargo trailer $20,000.00
Phase 5: Trucks and custom wraps $87,500.00
Total: 172,500.00

How can you help? 

We are offering 5 levels of su
pport though individual and corporate sponsorship's

Patriot: $15,000.00

Eagle: $10,000.00

Red: $7,500.00

White: $5,000.00

Blue: $2,500.00

Other ways of support...

 all donations of any amount is greatly appreciated

host a fund raising event

join us for the 9/11 Patriot Day Ride

purchase merchandise 

To learn more on how you can Preserve the Past while Educating the Future please contact us at 410-908-3784 or 

WE are looking for artifacts from all 3 sites and personal stories and belongings from both 9/11 and the war, if you would like to loan or donate an item or collection please message us at