Our new "Price of Freedom" exhibit will teach of how and why we have our freedoms and of how we have maintained those freedoms for the past two and a half centuries. It will teach of the service and sacrifice of our men and women of our armed forces and of our forefathers who envisioned a free nation. The exhibit will contain the history of all wars fought, military equipment, uniforms, photos, medals and personal belongings of those who served and of those who made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of war and peace.


Presented by:


Anderson Snyder Memorial Fund

Army Pvt. Nicholas "Bryan" Spry Memorial Fund

WW1, Field Surgical Kit, Mess Kit,
Gas Mask, and Bayonet




Collection of WW1 items, Doughboy helmet and uniform, 2 canteens, US Mail bag, photograph and canvas rope bag



WW1 letters and photographs





WW2 Dress Hats, Shoe Shine Kit, Sewing Kit, Razor and Bayonets


WW2 captured Nazi Arm Band, Pin, Officers Cup and Hitler Stamps


WW2 Newspaper, Mess Kit, Shovel, Brass Compass, Night Stick and Bayonet


Civil Defense items, Helmet, Flag, and Home Defense Kit



Korean War items, Pup Tent, Shovel, Mess Kit, Wool Gloves, Dress Hat and Winter Cap


Military Police equipment , Helmet, Night Stick, Handcuffs, Gun Belt, Arm Bands


Vietnam Mine Detector


Vietnam War Fighter Pilots Flight Suit—1968


North Viet Kong uniform


Vietnam War Fighter Pilots Jacket—1969


Vietnam Montagnard tribal bow, darts,
holder and hat


Vietnam War equipment, Flash Lights,
Mess Kit, Jungle Hat, Food Rations,
Survival Mirror